I thought it was worth dedicating a page to explaining a few things about this blog. It won't take long, but some of it is important.

Note - this blog is best viewed in Firefox, I've noticed that IE mucks up some of the formatting and haven't been able to fix it from my side. I discovered that going to the Tools menu in IE and selecting "Compatibility View" seems to resolve the rendering issues, so if you really love your IE browser then this might work for you instead.

Why do I write this blog?
Please check out the "What Hedonethics Means to Me" page. Also, here's my first post, which is also all about who, where, what and why.

I like to cook by taste and smell rather than specific measurements, so a lot of my posts will refer to the ingredients but not necessarily the amounts. This is a good thing. 
Don't follow my recipes, just go to your fridge and see what you've got. Mostly you can transfer the ideas onto whatever ingredients are hanging about in your kitchen. If I've used two courgettes and you only have broad beans, use the beans - it'll be fine. I've written a bit more about cooking in this way in a post about veg-box cooking.

Making Things Up
I rarely follow recipes properly but, when I have followed someone elses instructions, or simply been inspired by their work, I will always credit them. 
A lot of the recipes I make are created from memory or just by instinct and feel however, so I can't credit any particular source for a lot of what I cook.

Vegetarians / Vegans
I am now, but was not at the time of writing the original posts on this blog, a vegetarian (vegan / plant-based), however I did cook a fair few vegetarian recipes, some of which could be further tweaked to suit vegans. Where a recipe was suitable, I used to tag it "Vegetarian"; this term can be searched in the google box, click on the link in the labels side menu or bookmark this search.

Recommending Companies / Cookery Books / TV programmes
I don't get paid for this blog. I don't want to get money from it and I'm not interested in being a paid advertising mouthpeice for someone elses business. However, I will mention by name companies who I think are particularly great, shops where I know you will be able to find unusual ingredients or utensils, or chefs and television programmes that I've really enjoyed. 
I won't recommend anything or anyone unless I use it / them myself, regularly, by choice.

I have no problem with anyone posting links or references to my work, but please be sure to credit me for quotes and link back to my original post. All of the photos and text in The Hedonethical Kitchen are copyrighted to me.