Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Aromatic Seafood Hotpot

This is the easiest dinner of them all, but you do need good quality fish and seafood to pull it off; it's pretty simple, so it relies heavily on the flavours from the fish. 

I've recently had a new order through from the fish society that included monkfish and squid, along with a bunch of fresh clams from abel and cole. I thought these would make a perfect combination when cooked a bit like the French moules mariniere. I found a recipe to inspire me in Nigella Express; like her or not, this particular cookbook is a good one. As always, though, I had to personalise it!

I had some lovely broad beans so I shelled them, blanched them and removed their cases to go in with the stew. 

I heated up some butter and oil in a pan and fried a sliced onion. Added sliced monkfish and squid rings for a few minutes, then added a couple of queen scallops and a glass of white wine. I left it until it was bubbling hot before adding the clams and covering with a lid. They need shaking up every now and again, but they only need cooking for a few minutes. 

Add a splash of sherry or marsala and some chopped parsley, cover again and cook for yet another few minutes. Finally, take off the heat, mix in some spring onions or chives, a crack of black pepper and serve with fresh bread and butter. Food for the soul!

The fish society have very kindly created a discount code for us: enter the word HEDON in the discount textbox when you check out and you'll get 10% off. 
***again, I need to mention that I don't get any special bonuses or payments for recommending companies, I just do it because I like them, their products and their customer service. This discount code was a lovely guesture they made after reading comments I'd already made about them. Just so we're clear!***

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