Wednesday, 22 June 2011


For the tempting, and pretty, results this is a surprisingly easy dinner to put together.

Saltimbocca only requires three ingredients: pork escalopes, cured meat and sage leaves. I had prosciutto so that's what I used.

First of all you need to flatten out the escalopes, so give them a fairly firm treatment with a rolling pin - this is easier if you wrap them in clingfilm first.

Lay a couple of sage leaves on top, followed by a slice of the cured meat. Roll the whole thing up, secure with a couple of toothpicks and dust with flour.

Warm up a, not inconsiderable, amount of oil and butter in a frying pan, then add the saltimbocca and brown all over, basting as much as you can. After several minutes, add a slosh of white wine and let it bubble away, turning the saltimbocca over and over to make sure it takes on all the flavour.

Stick a fork in from time to time, it's cooked when the juices run clear; be careful not to overcook though, it should be tender not chewy. There's very little health risk with slightly rare pork these days, although I probably wouldn't unless it was organic.

I sauteed some vegetables with lots of garlic and boiled new potatoes to go with them. When sliced, the saltimbocca look really pretty on the plate and they taste amazing.

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