Monday, 4 July 2011

Green bean & Gorgonzola Crêpes

This is an on-the-hoof creation, so I'm sure there are lots of improvements that could be made. Nonetheless, if you're hungry at brunchtime on a Sunday and haven't made any bread yet, savoury crêpes are the perfect carby vehicle for whatever you have in the fridge.

I still had some green beans left that needed using up and had bought gorgonzola, along with a couple of other cheeses, to make up a cheeseboard to go with the redcurrant relish I made earlier in the week from this recipe.

Crêpes are basically just pancakes, I checked the ratios in my old copy of the Good Housekeeping cookbook (the link takes you to a more recent version but I'm sure the recipe will be in there too).
Take a pinch of salt and 125g of flour and drop an egg into it. Measure out 300ml of milk and start whisking it into the egg and flour bit by bit. There's your batter. I like to add fresh herbs, in this case basil, and freshly cracked pepper to it.

Pop the beans on to blanch, that'll only be a few minutes because you want them to still be firm, to offset the softness of the crêpe and cheese. Drain them and leave to one side, you want all the water to evaporate so the beans are dry.

Heat up a non-stick pan with a little bit of oil and stick a ladleful of batter in, swirling it around until you've made a thin layer across the bottom. Leave it to cook, occasionally lifting up an edge to see how it's getting along. It should have little brown spots all over the bottom of it, and not be stuck to the pan, before you try to flip it. It only takes a very short time to do the other side.

Take each cooked one in turn and lay it on a plate, dress it with some beans, slivers of cheese and fresh pepper. Roll it up and cover with another plate to keep it warm while you do the rest.

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