Sunday, 15 May 2011

Spicy, sweet & salty: gammon with mango salsa

My husband asked for a gammon dinner so this is what I made him. It worked out well for me as well, since this is a really lazy plate of food to put together!

I'd planned to cook it last Sunday, but a mix-up with my delivery pushed this particular plan back a week. Not that I minded at all, Abel and Cole boasts one of the best customer service teams I've ever dealt with. I got my money refunded immediately, a sincere apology from a friendly voice who actually had time to talk to me properly, plus the same steaks sent for half price on my next delivery. You just can't stay cross at them, they're too nice!

The salsa is cubed mango, diced cucumber, red chilli, coriander, lime juice and salt. Mixed up and stored in the fridge for half an hour to chill.

The gammon steaks were quickly pan fried in a super-hot pan, for a few minutes each side.

Classically, you could pair gammon with pineapple or with peas and, often, with chips on the side. I'd just baked a loaf of bread though, so we had bread and butter with it.

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