Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Not another boring salad!

This is, I promise, not a boring meal. Salad can sound dull. My husband asked me "what's for dinner" and frankly I wasn't really that hungry and didn't fancy a long stint in the kitchen. I said "how about a salad" and his face fell, as though I had just suggested we eat shredded cardboard.

This one did do the trick though and he ate the lot without any complaints, by which I take it he didn't mind "just salad" for dinner after all!

The base of it is shredded cos lettuce, sliced yellow pepper, quartered tomatoes, cubed cucumber, julienned carrots and black olives.

The things that made it special were:

1) Parmesan shavings.
2) Pan-fried squares of bacon.
3) Croutons, made by cutting slices of bread into cubes and grilling them with a drizzle of garlic oil

Finally, a simple dressing of olive oil and lemon juice, whisked up with salt and pepper.

It isn't gourmet dining, but it is reasonably healthy, filling and fast as lightning to make.

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